Hometown Jamboree

Los Angeles, CA
Year Started: 1949

The legendary Hometown Jamboree was broadcast over radio station KXLA out of Pasadena, California, five days a week. On Saturdays, it was broadcast over KCOP, Channel 13 in the Los Angeles area at 7:30pm.

For about five years, the show was broadcast from the American Legion Stadium in El Monte, California. Then, in a move that was an attempt to 'get closer to its audience', it moved to the Harmony Park Ballroom in Anaheim.

One its stars was Country Music Hall of Fame, Tennessee Ernie Ford. He also had his own radio show that aired over the CBS radio network five days a week. He also had a show that aired over stations in the midwest during the week, too.

The legendary Cliffie Stone was the producer, promoter and emcee as well as all around entertainer on the Hometown Jamboree.

Like the Town Hall Party, the cast of the Hometown Jamboree also read like a who's who of country music on the west coast. Some of the stars included:

The band for the Hometown Jamboree consisted of many fine musicians also, such as:

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