El Monte Legion Stadium


The Legion Stadium was built by the El Monte Union High School District and was used as their auditorium and gymnasium from 1926 until 1939 when they opened the present El monte High School.

After the new High School was opened the auditorium/gymnasium was used for storage of school supplies. During world war II the school District rented the building to the Defense Department. The basement under the stage was used for storage by the school district, but the rest of the building was rented to Northrup Aircraft from 1942 until the end of World War II.

In the last part of World War II, the El monte Union School District sold the property to the El Monte Legion Post #261. They took over the property and made the basement into their clubhouse.

When the war ended in 1945 the legion turned the Auditorium/Gymnasium into a boxing and wrestling stadium. The events held here were televised from the site, and were very popular.

"George Lopez:
BTW, the place which Lopez mentioned seeing wrestling in El Monte was at the now demolished El Monte Legion Stadium, which also hosted huge concerts in the area ranging from Bo Diddly and The Phantoms to the Greatful Dead and Frank Zappa.":

Source: City of El Monte Cultural Resources and CaptainCook.com